Dog with hind legs paralyzed received acupuncture and water therapy.
He can move his legs again!

Dr. Michael Robinson became certified with the
International Veterinary Acupuncture Society 25 years ago. 
He has been studying Chinese medicine which he combines with western medicine for very positive results.

Dr. Robinson uses acupuncture and herbal medicine in combination with western medicine
to successfully treat a variety of problems:
horses with chronic hives, asthma, horse’s sore backs, separation anxiety,
dachshunds with intervertebral disc disease
as well as a wide range of other problems that other veterinarians are unable to treat
using standard western medicine.

Dr. Robinson believes it is not only important to treat symptoms,
but to find the cause of the problems and to treat the cause.

An example of a common problem is how to treat a horse’s sore back.

It is important to research why your horses back needs adjusting rather than simply adjusting.